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Suprema is a collection of small mechanical jewels. This stunning pen features the Stipula's latest engineering invention: the "Torricelli Air Pump" filling system.
The air inside the chamber of the barrel is forced out through the channels in the nib feeder, and therefore ink is allowed to completely fill the transparent body.
High capacity reservoir, perfect balance, ergonomics, ease of maintenance and fun are what describes best the Suprema.

Suprema is available in a variety of nib options in size and material, from stainless steel to titanium to gold.

Made in Florence, Italy.

Cap do post.  

Stipula Suprema

Excluding Sales Tax
Nib Material
  • Resin body and cap.
    Palladium or rose gold trims.
    Steel nibs in F, M, 1.1 and V-flex.
    Vacuum  filler/Stipula Torricelli system to use with bottled ink only.
    Screw-in cap
    Overall length:: 165mm
    Body:  15/135mm  
    Weight: 28g  
    Made in Florence, Italy

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