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The Lunga Vita (Italian for “Long Life”) is an oversize eyedropper/cartridge converter fountain pen with red cap and transparent barrel, with the typical scale found in a syringe. 
The cap is decorated with the Rod of Aesculapius, a sculpture-clip which represents a parasite worm pulled out of the skin, symbol of the art of medicine. 
The pen is available in a variety of nib options in size and material, from stainless steel to titanium to gold.
Made in Florence, Italy.

Cap do post.  

Stipula Lunga Vita

Excluding Sales Tax
Nib Material
  • Red resin body and cap, transparent ink window with ink level markings. 
    Chrome and silver trims.
    Nibs: Steel in F, M, 1.1 and V-flex.
    Titanium: T-flex (one measure)
    14k solid gold:: UF;XF;F;M,B,ITA 0,9,ITA 1,1 
    Eye dropper/cartridge converter.
    Screw-in cap
    Overall length:: 153mm
    Body:  15/128mm  
    Weight: 43g  
    Made in Florence, Italy

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