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Stipula Calamo “Ferrogallico”, is an “Iron Gall”  fountain pen ink made with Tuscan oak galls.  This ancient ink recipe is the result of a chemical composition that's been in use since roman times, at least since 8 B.C.  The current formula was studied by Stipula in collaboration with the Department of Chemistry of the University of Florence.
The new Stipula Calamo Ferrogallico has been developed as a perfectly balanced composition of iron sulphate and gallic acid, thus avoiding the problems of corrosion of metal and paper typical of iron gall inks, although ensuring the availability of an authentically indelible ink, suitable for documents destined to last in time.
All Iron Gall inks are available in a very convenient 70ml bottle, specially treated to protect  inks from the deterioration caused by UV light.

Made in Florence, Italy. 

Stipula Ink collection "Ferrogallico"

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Fountain pen ink presented in 70ml bottles.

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