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This innovative Stipula capless pen has a patented opening mechanism which is operated by simply and elegantly twisting the barrel. The mechanism allows a metal crescent to open and gracefully propels the nib outward to reach the writing position. No uncapping, but simply twisting the barrel of the pen does the job. One of the few capless pens in the market today and a must-have marvel for any pen collector or anybody looking for a unique piece.
Ball point option available for those who will not bend to fountain pen writing.
The pen is available in a variety of nib options in size and material, from stainless steel to titanium to gold.

Made in Florence, Italy. 

Stipula Da Vinci

Excluding Sales Tax
Nib Material
  • Black resin body, high quality precise mechanism. 
    Gold rose trims.
    Nibs: Steel in F, M, 1.1 and V-flex.
    14k solid gold:: UF;XF;F;M,B,ITA 0,9,ITA 1,1 
    Cartridge/Converter system
    Twist-in cap-less mechanism
    Overall length::
    Open:   155mm
    Closed: 140mm
    Diameter: 20mm
    Weight: 50g  

    Made in Florence, Italy

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