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The very first Stipula 22 honored with its name the  titanium nib it was built with, as 22 is the atomic number for titanium. Today this classic is more of an all-rounder with different nib options and finishes and a strong built-in piston filler that makes for a more than practical ink window. Available in different colors and finishes, the 22 is available in a variety of nib sizes,  options and material, from stainless steel to titanium to gold.
Made in Florence, Italy.

Cap do post.  

Stipula 22

Excluding Sales Tax
Nib Material
  • Resin body and cap.
    Palladium trims.
    Steel nibs in F, M, 1.1 and V-flex.
    Piston fill for bottled ink only.
    Screw-in cap

    Overall length:: 132 mm 
    Body:  123 x 13.5 mm 
    Weight: 36g
    Made in Florence, Italy


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