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The Etruria collection is a great classic of Stipula’s, characterized by its ovoid shape, reminiscent of the Etruscan amphorae from which it draws inspiration, and by decorative elements made in metal casting, according to the ancient goldsmith techniques of the Tuscan ancestors. Many versions of this pen have been produced over the years:  This Etruria Faccetatta version is a limited, exclusive  oversized pen,  with a challenging style from every point of view. The filling mechanism is by means of a  piston and the nibs are the  exclusive 14k Stiflex gold.
The Faccettata Miele Selvatico is limited to just 300 pieces, and is at an special, reduced  pre-order price.

 Made in Florence, Italy.

Cap do post.  

Etruria Faccettata 30° Anniversario

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Italian resin body and cap
    Solid silver appointments
    14k Stiflex nibs  
    Screw in cap. 
    Piston fill for bottled ink.
    Made in Florence, Italy.
    Overall length, closed:  152 mm 
    Body: 4.69 x 0.56 in (131 x 16 mm)
    Weight: 30 g
    Limited edition on pre-order: Delivers in June.

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