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Vedo Navy

Stipula is proud to present a new addition to the Vedo line, the Vedo Twist Roller. A variation of the original Vedo piston-fill fountain pen, it gives the collection a new “twist” with a more streamlined form and twist ball point.

The sleek barrel of the Vedo Twist embodies simplicity and style, hallmarks of classic Florentine elegance. Its easy-to-use twist ball point and compact size make it practical for everyday use.

A perfect present for the recent graduate or new employee, the Twist’s can be discreetly slipped into a pocket, briefcase, or purse and its price range makes it accessible to the general public.

Adaptable to every situation, the Vedo Twist Roller is available in the vibrant colors of ruby red, acquamarine blue, topaz yellow, amethyst violet, as well as a more classic black.