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Who we are . Why Stipula? . History . When a pen comes to life

Stipula represents the best contemporary classic .

“Best” because we are focused on the needs of who loves writing instruments – creativity, innovation, uniqueness and quality.

“Classic” because our style is inspired by the Florentine tradition of craftsmanship and the principles of writing instruments tradition. The materials we use are the same used at the beginning of the 20th century; the filling systems are modern interpretations of old creations; for the designs we draw inspiration from models that belong to the fountain pen history .

“Contemporary” because we are a modern company and anyone visiting us perceives and breathes the freshness that pervades our work. We conciliate the traditional techniques of craftsmanship with up to date quality and efficiency and propose creative innovations in designs and internal mechanisms.

When Renzo Salvadori, Stipula’s founder, speaks about the relationship between contemporary and vintage in the company, he likes to use a metaphor: “Stipula has two souls: the grandchild soul and the grandfather one. The grandchild represents technology and is expressed by dynamism and an eagerness to look forward, but the grandfather, representing tradition, must temper the grandchild’s ebullience”.


Stipula s.r.l.

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