How can I place an order?

You can order by filling the order form online.

How do I pay my order? 

The only mean of payment accepted for online orders is the credit card. VISA and Mastercard are welcome.

May I ask for a nib change for a pen I bought here?

Yes, it is possible if you think the present size doesn’t suit your writing style. Please contact our assistance service.

How much is the freight?
The price shown on-line includes freight for orders of at least 100€. For lower value orders 10€ forfeit freight charge is required. Possible custom duties are not included in the price and are customer’s responsibility.

What is the difference between a ball point pen and a roller?

The mechanism is the same, what principally changes is the ink: more viscous for the ball point, more liquid for the roller.

How can I maintain my fountain pen at its best?

By following the hereunder 10 Stipula tips. The 10 Stipula’s tips for a good maintenance of your fountain pen:
1. Wash your pen every few weeks and especially whenever changing ink color. When it is well washed, the “cut” in the nib must look free.
2. Use only cold or tepid water (max 40°C) when washing the pen, never alcohol or solvents as these will damage the feed or other parts of the pen irreparably. Demineralised water will work best (tap water sometimes contains particles which may clog the feed)
3. If you want to empty your pen, don’t pour the ink into a bottle of new ink: particles of dirt or dried ink might clog your writing section next time you fill the pen.
4. Wash the pen by filling and emptying it with water (repeat this until the water is clear). If the pen uses a cartridge/converter, soak the external part of the writing section (nib+feed) section in water for some hours.
5. If you do not plan on using your pen for a prolonged period of time, empty and wash it out before storing it away.
6. Avoid using chemically treated paper, which usually has a slick feel, because it does not absorb ink well and leaves residues on the point of the nib which might clog the ink flow.
7. If travelling by plane, either fill completely or empty your pen. Even though the feed set on Stipula pens reduces the chance of leakage, it is a general rule to follow with fountain pens to keep them stored in vertical position with the point upward.
8. Do not loan your pen to anyone, as the nib adjusts only to your own writing style (i.e.: pressure and angle).
9. When not using the pen, keep it stored vertically with point upward to prevent ink from setting in, drying and clogging the feed.
10. If your pen does not write immediately (after not having been used for more than a month) the ink has probably dried and clogged the nib and feed (see point 5). To restore the ink flow either wash the nib with water or fill and empty it with ink of same color. If it does not write yet, wash the writing section with tepid water.

How can I ask for a catalogue or other literature on the products?

By contacting our assistance service: customer@ideaprima.eu. We will send it according to its availability at the moment of the request.